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Which Click tracking tool Should I Use? – Clickmagick Vs QCC Vs MyclickBoss

Clickmagick Vs Quality Click Control Vs MyClickBoss For those of you who just started your list building journey if you're going to do any form of media buys or solo ads you'd definitely need some sort tracking tool thats going to monitor all your traffic buys and ROIs and most importantly detect fraudulent traffic. Biggest newbie [...]

How to Easily Convert a Low Ticket Product into Mid Ticket Product

Convert low Ticket to Mid ticket

Here is how you can easily convert a low ticket information product to a Mid ticket information product ! Before I  begin let me first define what a Low ticket & Mid ticket product, this is Low ticket =  anything below $27 Mid Ticket = Anything above $97 - $397 So why sell Mid Ticket [...]

7 Lessons Learnt from 7 Years Of Internet Marketing!

7 Lessons Learnt from 7 Years Of Internet Marketing

OK so it's been close to 7 years since I first begun my Internet marketing journey.. I still remember it like it was yesterday, creating my first ever website on wordpress, subscribing to hostgator.. I've came a long way and learnt alot over the years.  SO lets begin! I know . I know.. this is kinda [...]

Thinking of Creating Passive Income WIth Membership sites? Think Again


The idea of creating passive  recurring income for yourself with your very own membership site is extremely attractive right? Imagine if you have a membership site that sells for  $2o/mth and let's take for example if you can get just 20 Paying members per month ( being conservative here)You're making $400/mth ( 20 x $20) What if the next [...]

[CASE STUDY]How I landed 2 High ticket Coaching Clients selling $1 WSOs


So I recently posted A Warriorforum Special offer for my product S.O.S.F (Simple Online Success Formula) selling for just $1  with no upsells whatsoever as a test. You can check out the offer here This is a video course where I talk about building a very easy to create sales funnel and I also offer ONE coaching email along [...]