First Time Buyer – Ultimate Solo Ad Guide

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How would you like to make $2 for every $1 spent on Solo Ads ?.. Well Now You Can

This Solo Ad Guide is by far the best guide out there when it comes to buying solos. I’ve had many complete newbies who fail make money with solos in the past  contact me for help and after going through this guide, getting intouch with me for Advice.. changed their funnel ,bought solo ads from me and BAM they made sales!

I can Guarantee that you’ll learn more on this page than ANY paid Solo ad training out there because I’m going to skip the unnecessary fluff thats out there and just focus on the stuff that truly matters. Focus all your efforts on this and you’re going to be in a FAR better position than 99% of the solo ad buyers out there.

BREAK ANY of these rules and your income will suffer!


RULE # 1 Always send traffic to a Squeezepage/Capture Page
You need to be building your mailing list! Every single click should be sent to your squeezepage/capture page.
I sometimes  get customers buying solo ads from me and sending me the offer or sales page .
You always need to be collecting emails using an autoresponder and only after

RULE # 2 Always ONLY COLLECT EMAILS In your Squeezepage
From my years of experience collecting name only hurts your opt-in conversion rate. Only collect emails!
There is no need to collect names or phone numbers.Collecting names will not help build relationships many of time people enter fake names. Remember the people optin from Solo ads don’t know you yet so just collect EMAILS.

RULE # Squeezepage HEADLINE FORMULA , should always be “make money Online” related

The squeezepage headline needs to be generic.. it needs to tickle their curiousity

RULE #  Always only use SINGLE Opt-in ..TURN OFF Double OPT-in!
Double opt-in only hurts your conversion rates.  I have tested with this with many clients, every single time single opt-in is enabled they make more money.

For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, this is when your Autoresponder .. Aweber or Getresponse
forced the visitor who just entered their email to confirm that they have chose to optin by clicking on a link in their email.This only hurts your ROI, they need to click a link in the email before they can even start getting any emails.

RULE # Always Track your sales and conversion using proper tracking tools
When buying traffic always be tracking, you can do this by

RULE # NEVER use a generic Capture page provided by your Company or MLM opportunity
I see this mistake all the time . I recommend coming up with your own squeezepage.

RULE #   Your Follow Up Emails and welcome email is Everything.. EVERYTHING.
Your welcome email is going to get them to respond and reply to your email .. Thats when
Your emails should have as many ways to contact you, Use your Mobile # if you can!

Create at least 7 follow Up Emails to maximize your profit

RULe # Buy only from reliable traffic sources with RESPONSIVE Traffic

There are many scam and bot traffic out there in the solo ad market place. Fact is people are lured by cheap traffic only to get poor results. Buying trafic

I’ll take the $1 traffic any day than the $0.50 per click any given day because it’s all about your ROI, not the price per click.
HINT: you should buy from me 🙂

I’ll add more stuff overtime. Stay tuned