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[CASE STUDY]How I landed 2 High ticket Coaching Clients selling $1 WSOs


So I recently posted A Warriorforum Special offer for my product S.O.S.F (Simple Online Success Formula) selling for just $1  with no upsells whatsoever as a test. You can check out the offer here

This is a video course where I talk about building a very easy to create sales funnel and I also offer ONE coaching email along with their purchase just to get a conversation going.
In the thank you page I have an application form where they can apply to work 1on1 with me to help build their list building business right below the video training course.

At the time of  writing this blog post I sold  23 copies of S.O.S.F and had 3 people applied to work 1 on1  directly from that application form. Please note there were NO JV’s involved and the only marketing I did was to insert the WSO in my Signature and I bumped the WSO twice. (WSO bumping fee is at $20)



I got on a skype call with all 3 and 2 people end up joining my coaching program .. And guys….there was NO selling involved here at all. The people I talk to were usually really ready to get onboard with me and know that this is a high ticket coaching program.

Key Takeaway Points Here:

1)Even $1 buyers can purchase high ticket stuff and you don’t necessarily have to “move” them up the ladder selling Low ticket to mid ticket to high ticket. Sometimes people just want to get a quick solution to their problem and are more than willing to pay good money for that. If you have a low ticket buyers lists with a follow up sequence that you’re promoting your mid ticket offers and if they don’t buy those mid ticket offers, make sure to include your HIGH end offers in your email follow up sequence too.

2) If you’re selling products online (or offline) , you should have some sort of high ticket program/offer for your buyers to buy more from you because some people just want more. It does not have to be a coaching program.. It can be a Done For You solution, or a much higher priced product in your thank you page . Seriously depending on the niche there is just so many ways you can offer more value to your buyers. They will thank you for it!

Some Improvements For Myself 
I would probably have 1 or 2 upsells in my WSO if I were to bump it up again just to have it cover the cost or even PROFIT directly from the WSO bumping fees.

by Brandon sean

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