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How to Easily Convert a Low Ticket Product into Mid Ticket Product

Convert low Ticket to Mid ticket

Here is how you can easily convert a low ticket information product to a Mid ticket information product !

Before I  begin let me first define what a Low ticket & Mid ticket product, this is
Low ticket =  anything below $27
Mid Ticket = Anything above $97 – $397

So why sell Mid Ticket products?

1)Your customers will achieve far better results because they paid more. ( More skin in the game)
2) Higher perceived value means you’ll be seen as an expert
3) You’ll achieve your income goals much faster.

The common objection I see in alot of people I talk to about  is that they don’t “feel” that their offer is worth say $297… ,
Guys as long as you can teach someone anything even if it’s not money related you can charge waaaay higher than that
In fact throughout my blog you’ll see a ton of post about why I always advocate charging higher and getting more involved with your customers.

The one thing that you need to do is pay more attention to your sales page, basically you need a longer and more impressive sales page when  you’re promoting a mid ticket product via a sales page.

Anyways Lets begin.

Step 1 – Convert your ebook  into a Video Course

If you have an ebook you’re currently selling for say $7, try to come up with a video content instead and break it up to maybe 20 part Videos Series explaining each vital step.You can do simple slide shows and just record your voice as you read them. SIMPLE..

Step 2 – Create A Simple Membership Site

A membership site has far better perceived value than a standard video course,
and guys.. creating a membership site is so easy! With WordPress you can even do it for free ( without any premium paid plugins) However if you’re more advanced I highly recommend that you invest in a premium WordPress membership Plugin. The one I personally use for my sites is “Digital Access Pass”

Step 3 – Build A  Simple online Community

This is one of the easiest thing you can do, you can simply Create a Facebook group and answer questions in the group from time to time. There is so much perceived value in this and I can guarantee that your refund rates will go down.

Step 4 – Create a Mini Coaching program

Although I highly recommend that if you’re going to do any form of coaching you need to charge much higher. However I do understand that some people feel comfortable charging below $500 for a smaller coaching package and this is it.
You can provide Email coaching or even Group coaching – Weekly seminars for a fix amount of days.

Step 5 –  Offer more, Add more USEFUL resources

Again this is very simple to do, just provide more value. You can do this by creating a more intensive course and adding more resources. For example If i have a email marketing product that sells for $10, I will add more premium/advance content and and add maybe some squeeze page templates ( PLR) in the members area so my customers can use them.

I hope you find this extremely valuable, because when you have mid ticket products to sell , you can slowly move on to creating your own High ticket offer!


by Brandon sean

Brandon Sean is an Internet Marketing coach, product creator, email marketing expert who loves blogging. Subscribe to my blog for a daily dose of Internet marketing Tips and tricks.

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