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"Internet Marketer Reveals Secret Underground High Quality Super Solo Ad Traffic That Gives you Insanely high  Opt In Rates and ROI... GUARANTEED"

Dear Fellow Solo Ad traffic Buyer,

I'm going to keep this short and simple. If you've been buying solo ads for sometime now or are planning to buy Solo Ads traffic , then you really need to pay attention to what I have to offer..

The Opt-in figures you see above are not made up .. in fact with the traffic source I'm about to reveal to you..

Some people are buying this traffic source but are quietly using it to their advantage.

This is a little known traffic not many people talk about and this is something and I stumble upon this traffic by coincidence and it has been making me alot of money. The price of of this traffic source is on average the same cost per clicks as a standard solo ad .. if not CHEAPER..

Also let me be honest here, although the traffic is email traffic ...calling it "Solo Ads" wouldn't be 100% Accurate, there is a nice "TWIST" to it to get that kinda insane results...

I've since tweaked and learn a few things about this traffic source and I've also thought this "secret" traffic source to my coaching students and a small number of people who are  experiencing insane results with this.

Which got me thinking... why not create a guide and compile a rolodex of traffic providers that sell this high opt in traffic ...and to teach and show people how to tap in to the same traffic source?

so here's what I'd like you to have...




  • The EXACT traffic source that gives you insanely high OPT-in rates and access to the growing rolodex of these traffic providers! I reveal everything you need to know..
  • The best type of Squeezepage - I'll show you the elements of successful squeezepage most marketers just don't talk about. In fact alot of the training on building squeezepages have violated many of these rules.
  • How to track your optin the right way. - If you're brand new to the solo ads world. Don't worry I've got you covered. We will go through how to buy and track your optin rates using click tracking tools. ( Don't rely on your autoresponder webform stats, it's not really accurate)
  • How to avoid being scammed when buying traffic - After having bought a ton of traffic and coached many others to do the same. I've seen and learn't how to detect and avoid buying bad traffic. Follow these steps and you should be safe.
  • And so much more...

OK Sounds Good.. But How Much Is This Going To Cost Me?

So you're probably asking yourself how much is the price of this HUGE cost saving guide?
(If you have not already peeked at the

"Okay Heads Up!"

If you order now as a Warrior Special Offer, you can get instant access to my "Super Solo Ads Guide" for only

At this price, it's no longer a bargain but


Brandon... Wait Whats The Catch? Why Charge So Low For Such Valuable Information?

First of all I'm glad you understand that this information is valuable (Because it really is!)

Here are the 2 MAIN Reasons..

1) I Intend to get into the product creation & launching scene later on in my internet Marketing career and to do that I would definitely need MORE exposure here on the Warriorforum. Although I've created multiple Internet marketing products in the past , I never really focused on getting my name out there on the Warriorforum. So by creating this WSO, this is my way of getting myself at the front door of the product launch scene.

2) You see when you invest in the "SUPER SOLO ADS GUIDE" you'll also have the opportunity to work with me 1on1 where I literally hold your hand and FORCE you to succeed online. (Details inside)

You see... what better way to establish myself as an expert and an authority in the IM industry than to have students that I personally coached succeed online? Testimonial from my students would be the biggest social proof that will help me sell more products in the future which is why I really intend to get more coaching students and get as many testimonials as I possibly can.

No Theory, No fluff, These Are Proven Traffic that Works!

Traffic source and tactics to boost your opt-in rates to that level.

And we're not done just yet.

I wanted to make this a complete no-brainer so your purchase today comes with the following bonuses..

Bonus # 1 - Facebook Group Access 

Facebook Group Access - You'll have access to several Facebook groups that will help you not only to find this specific solo ad traffic source but also be able to join Facebook Group (exclusive for my buyers only) where I will occasionally be posting useful tips and tricks.

Bonus # 2 - Message Template When Approaching Solo Ads Provider

Message templates to approach traffic providers for this specific Traffic source. You see knowing where to buy this traffic is one thing..
you still need to specifically instruct the seller to provide this "SPECIFIC" traffic for this to work.. I've included a message template you can use to request for this specific traffic.

Bonus # 3 - Access To The Super Solo Ads Rolodex

Your purchase today comes with LIFETIME ACCESS to this SUPER Solo Ads Rolodex which will include a growing list of trusted Solo Ad Providers who provide this specific source of Traffic. I'll be updating this Solo Ad Rolodex overtime and whenever there is an update you'll be sure to get access to it!

These guys know the EXACT set up for this traffic and I've already let them know.

Bonus # 4 - Sales Funnel Explosion Course

Sales Funnel Explosion Video course - You'll get access to my Sales Funnel Explosion Video course that will teach you how to build a profitable sales funnel.
This is a step by step Video course that shows you :

+ How To Create One Time Offers that convert
+ How To Set Up A Proper Sales Funnel (With One Time Offers)
+ What Products To Promote To Your List

And So Much More..

Bonus # 5 - Wordpress Plugin To Create Squeezepage, OTO And So Much More...

I understand that many of you reading this may not have the skills and expertise to build a squeezepage (or any other funnel pages) .. don't worry I've got you covered!. Your purchase today comes with a Wordpress plugin you can use to start building all your funnel pages. Install it and you and get your entire funnel up and running in 3 minutes or less!


I'm going to take this offer to the next level by taking all the risk AWAY!

Your purchase comes with a

60 Days Money Back Guarantee!

Get Instant access to my "SUPER SOLO ADS" Guide and try this traffic source for yourself!

if at ANYTIME at all you feel like the Value you've received Isn't at least worth 100 times the price you paid. Just contact me and I'll give you a FULL 100% Refund. NO Questions asked..

The reason why I'm doing this is because I want you to purchase with full confidence knowing that there is absolutely no risk on your side.
I can assure you that there is no downside to this at all.

So You Now Have A Decision To Make...

Now that you've read this far.. you now have a important yet simple decision to make. It's either you invest in this WSO and save a ton of money in your next solo ad purchase today and get access to all these amazing bonuses.. or you don't do anything and lose out in alot of savings from your next solo buy..

ALSO the reason why this WSO priced so low is because I do have an ulterior motive...
You see I'm not really interested in the money I'll be making selling this WSO. (although I believe in getting paid for things I put in effort in) My main goal is to build my credibility on the Warriorforum and if you like this, who knows you might purchase from me again.. or even work 1on1 with me in the future?

Remember your purchase today comes with a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee and really you have nothing to lose.. but everything to gain
so click the buy now button below.. and I'll see you on the other side..

P.S The price of the SUPER SOLO Ads WSO will increase overtime with no notice. This is to reward the people who take FAST action.

P.P.S. A single 100 click purchase with this traffic source alone will save you A TON of money compared to a regular solo ad purchase.The cost of NOT knowing this information far outweighs the cost of this WSO.

Brandon Sean

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