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Which Click tracking tool Should I Use? – Clickmagick Vs QCC Vs MyclickBoss

Clickmagick Vs Quality Click Control Vs MyClickBoss

For those of you who just started your list building journey if you’re going to do any form of media buys or solo ads you’d definitely need some sort tracking tool thats going to monitor all your traffic buys and ROIs and most importantly detect fraudulent traffic.

Biggest newbie mistake ever: Just using Bit.ly for tracking!


Today I’m going to compare the 3 common tracking tools I currently use in my business.

NOTE: I Currently own and use all 3 in my business Clickmagick, Quality Click Control, MyClickBoss

Lets start with Myclickboss ( Self hosted solution)

OK so currently Myclickboss has a monthly hosted on their server solution ( Which I’ve not tested so I’m not going to mention it in this post)

This is one of the earliest tracking tool I started with

Pros : This is a ONE TIME ONLY payment solution at $87

1)Limited features when compared to other currently available tracking tools
2)and it;s a self hosted solution. The problem with self hosted solutions is that
3) Installation can be a pain, alot of my students had issues installing the piece of software, although its a fairly simple installation if you’re not too techy this can be overwhelming..

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